Energetic Therapies

What are they and how do they work?

Energetic therapies are techniques that are based on the application of energy in order to restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance on the person. They help reactivate the communication amongst the different energetic channels in the physical body and restoring the electromagnetic flux between cells, which reverses in a higher wellbeing at all levels and provides the basis for the harmonious integration of body, mind and spirit.

The therapist and the techniques act as a channel for the flow of energy and a catalyst. However, it is the individual who has the ability to transform his or her condition thanks to the new frequency, and can restore a sustainable balance in his or her organism at all levels.

Modern physics teaches us that everything is composed of energy. This energy flows through regular order in a harmonious balance originally. The pressures of daily life, habits, thoughts and disturbing emotions, among other causes, may result in loss of that balance, by accumulation, deficit or blocks in different parts of the energy system, interfering with proper circulation of vital energy flow, giving way later on to various disorders, ailments and diseases.

Energy and vibrational techniques act by restoring the vital energy flow. In that sense they are complementary support to conventional medical treatments.

Such techniques include, among others:

Reiki was discovered and developed in Japan, works by channeling the universal energy. The therapist allows the flow of this energy through the laying on of hands, drawing and display of symbols healing, resulting in the restoration of energy balance in the person.

The healing quartz crystals used in contact with the human body, cause they help balance the electromagnetic flux between the cells, restoring the harmony of the individual energy in our physical and emotional body, reverting also on the mental part. The Colour therapy uses light for therapeutic purposes decomposed into colors that resonate at a vibrational level with an emotional or physical distorted state. This can be done directly with colored lamps or mentally, with the visualization of different colors by the therapist.

Finally, music therapy uses sounds, or audiofrequency stimuli that resonate with the energy blockages and conflicts involved, dissolving them. You can use different tools to produce high frequency notes, such as quartz bowls, the voice and certain sounds, like syllables or mantras.

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