Vibrational therapy and Reiki

cuarzo transparenteTherapy with crystals and gems is used to rebalance the body, working at an emotional and energetic level. Taking advantage of the vibrational properties of quartz crystals, we can also work on the physical, mental and emotional body of the person, helping to harmonize and encouraging the recognition of skills and resources, and helping to build and strengthen new beliefs and attitudes.

Through conscious relaxation and guided meditation we access mandates and erroneous beliefs that were imprinted on us in the past, in order to understand and change today, freeing us from all that keeps us from living fully and harmony with ourselves and generating new thoughts and attitudes more in line with this, in harmony with who we are and what we want in our lives.

By accessing the deeper layers of the mind through relaxation, visualization and regression we get to the source of the situations where those thoughts and emotions were created in the first place, and then we are able to change these patterns that guide our actions.

Individual sessions

The sessions last about an hour, during which the person lies on a gurney and is being gently guided into an induced relaxation to take the easier and faster access to the contents of his or her subconscious mind, remaining fully conscious but in a relaxed state all the time.

During the sessions, we use quartz crystals in contact with our body to help balance the electromagnetic flux between our cells, which results in helping to release and transform emotional states. Adding to this the work with the unconscious mind, we can have access to erroneous beliefs and mandates that were recorded in the past, then we are able to understand them and change them today, and set us free from everything that prevents us from living fully and in harmony with ourselves.

The integrated system both energetic and mental is called Ataraxia, and with it we can check 9 aspects of a person: the physical condition, work, family relationships and emotional, mental criteria and standards of conduct, which are own abilities and emotions that block our growth as well as the origin of them.

This therapy can be done in a specific session, for an energetic, physical and emotional rebalancing, or as part of a process in which once a month we will deepen the understanding of emotional and mental state that comes to transform over several months. This method of self-knowledge and personal transformation allows you to:

  • Get to know yourself
  • Balance emotional states
  • Transform negative criteria
  • Recover physical balance
  • Harmonize the mind
  • Enhancing personal skills
  • Renew attitudes and goals



Altogether with the quars imposition, we work with Reiki, a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. All humans have the potential to channel energy, and therefore to give and receive Reiki, which is done through the imposition of hands on the body of the person in the most important energy centers (chakras), meridians and organs, for a complete harmonization of them.

The art of placing hands on the human body or an animal to comfort and reducing pain is a natural instinct. When we feel pain or discomfort, our first instinct is to place our hands on the affected area. The human touch gives love, warmth, serenity, sense of care and protection, soothes and heals.

Traditionally, for the opening of the potential for channeling, the person is initiated by a Reiki master. Initiation is an energetic phenomenon that awakens and stimulates the potential of the person and generally involves an opening to unknown subtle energies and there is a possibility that some unconscious patterns manifest, triggering a process of purification or cleansing.

Reiki: First Level

The first level of Reiki is known as the physical level, because Reiki energy transmission occurs through contact, through the therapist’s hands on the patient. First of all the therapist gets in touch with his or her heart chakra and then starts the session. To channel the energy is not necessary to focus the mind, concentrate, saying prayers, believe or have the intention to heal. Reiki or universal energy works through us, and does not need our intervention, but only our presence and relaxation.

Reiki: Second Level

This is the mental level, since here we work with the mental and emotional issues of the person. Here, in addition to the hands, three Reiki symbols are used to focus energy in a point to work with the subconscious of the person and to dissolve mental and emotional blockages, and also to send energy at a distance.

In both the first and the second level, the full treatment time lasts about an hour.

The Usui System of Natural Healing Reiki is a tool for relaxation, healing, knowledge and personal growth practice compatible with any other therapeutic or spiritual path. Reiki treatments should never be a substitute for medical treatment, but complementary.

reikiHistory of the Usui System of Natural Healing (Reiki)

The Usui System of Natural Healing Reiki was rediscovered in the nineteenth century by a Japanese, Mikao Usui, a man with great spiritual concerns.

Throughout his life, Usui was focused on having a direct experience of the healing processes that mention Christian and Buddhist scriptures. After much research, in 1908 made a fasting and meditation retreat in the Buddhist sanctuary of Mount Kurama, during which he had a revelation that allowed him, along with symbols that had been discovered in ancient writings, to develop this method. Because of its effectiveness in treating physical and emotional disorders, the system expanded throughout the world.

Usui dedicated his life to practice and expand the practice of Reiki. After several years of healing the beggars and outcasts, after a time he found out that many of those who he had helped to refocus his life, had returned to the same conditions of poverty. Then he wanted to show them a new way of living that takes into account the responsibility and gratitude, feeling that what needed, beyond the healing of the body was healing the spirit. From that point, Usui began to train strudents transmitting the principles to help them achieve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance they needed.

Dr. Mikao Usui Principles

Today I will not get upset. Learn to observe your mind. See what’s behind your anger and embrace what is there. Do not hold back, penetrate deeply into it to know their roots and therefore it will be transformed.

Today I will not worry. Worrying about things makes us feel nervous, distressed, discomforted and stressed, and that does not solve our problems. Take care of things and do not worry. Let energy available to live and relax.

Today I will be grateful. Be thankful for all the good things in your life. If you can, thanks even what you don´t like. By doing this, you open yourself to the mystery of life, you stop arguing with the circumstances and you become available to learn from them, trusting that life brings us what we need at every moment.

Today I will work hard (in my meditation practice). Stay tuned to every situation in your life. Learn to observe yourself and know yourself.

Today I will love and respect all living beings. The reality view from the heart reveals that everything is an expression of the same energy on the move. Everything is interconnected and is part of the same phenomenon. Learn to respect yourself and gradually you will feel a respect for everything around you.

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