Welcome, I,m Belén Giner, gestalt therapist and passionate about human psychology.

My work is to accompany sensitive people to overcome difficult moments and regain their inner strength, sense of safety and self-confidence.

Sometimes we go through complicated situations in which we feel stuck, repeating patterns of the past, or wrapped up in painful dynamics which are difficult to abandon. In these moments, our relationship with ourselves and with life itself usually becomes uphill and it may be key to look inward and get some professional guidance.

The therapeutic process is a healing and empowerment journey to get to know you and rediscover yourself, reconnecting with your authenticity and your essence, and getting rid of what is no longer good and useful.

Basically, it,s a journey of integration and reconciliation with yourself to recover the connection with your inner wisdom and strength.

We,ll look at how you function in the world, understanding your mechanics and their causes. Dropping beliefs, healing and letting go of emotional states and behaviours that are not helping you, and learning to live from your center with natural presence and confidence, allowing your being to shine through.

My work is to help you unveil your potential, recover your naturalness, spontaneity and the confidence to be yourself and have the life that you want and deserve.

My aim is to make this journey the safest and kindest possible for you, that you feel accompanied, respected and supported all the way.

I work with a humanistic approach, based on gestalt therapy, mindfulness and other techniques focused on the present moment, that help us manage our inner world in the most intelligent and effective way.

This implies being good to ourselves and becoming our best and most solid support in life, creating a safe inner space of understanding, ease and true kindness.

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Sillas terapias. Terapia Gestalt. www.menteyemociones-com

Gestalt Therapy Barcelona

Gestalt therapy helps us regain emotional balance, contact our needs, heal past wounds and rediscover our own resources.

Cuarzo amatista

Energetic Therapies

The use of quartz facilitates emotional release and restores the energy flow and balance in the body, allowing access to deeper layers of the mind.

Mindfulness and meditation Barcelona

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness meditation helps us increase our awareness of the present moment with acceptance, know how our mind works and learn to let go of it.

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