Group therapy

All our patterns are created in the relationship with others. So the group is the ideal place to work habits, both of relationship and with ourselves. To see ourselves in others, to be aware of how we relate, getting to know what we display, realizing how we look to other people and what are our perceptions of others.

All this makes us explore our armor, open our minds, eliminating complex, being able to show and express ourselves honestly in a safe and secure place, feeling that we are not alone, we are not rare or just as rare as everyone else.

The group allows us to feel seen and supported, while we are confronted with responsibility and awareness, with the help of the therapist, by other human beings who sail with us in the same boat, creating a space of connection, intimacy and openness that allows us to grow.

The tools used in gestalt group dynamics facilitate being aware of ourselves, notice our relationship patterns and how we contact other people, and helps us manage our needs, allowing us to explore our communication and our creativity.

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