Therapeutic techniques

“Therapy is too beneficial to limit it to sick people”. Erving & Miriam Polster

To start a therapeutic process is to take a big step towards health and inner freedom. It is entering a path which is not easy, to listen to our soul, to open our hearts: my feelings, my unseen thoughts, my guts..; To learn to look at me with honesty, undo myself from what I do not need anymore and hurts me, opening the windows to my denied parts, to recognise me and love me in everything that I am, to make a commitment with myself and my happiness, assuming the consequences. It is to bet for a better life, with fewer judgments and less ‘have to’, with more opening, responsibility and compassion.. Being my best ally.

The process

Our personality was created as a result of the first contacts with our environment. The relations with parents, brothers, teachers… those were big learnings that were solidly recorded into our mind and gave us a fixed interpretation of the world. Unless we do something, as adults, this interpretation remains the same and generally we keep on putting attention in those experiences that connect us with our false beliefs deeply rooted inside, or they wake up our memories from the past, making it hard for us to let them go and enter something new, seeing the reality through our blurred glasses.

The aim of the therapy is to clean these glasses, getting to know the repetitive patterns, feel them, understand and accept them, give them a space inside of us so that they are liberated and we are able to let them go and choose something else, opening a door to freedom.

The therapeutic treatment achieves the cognitive, the emotional and the corporal part (the organism entirely), and also the spiritual part, with a whole approach that understands the consciousness as this witness that always accompanies us, that sees everything from this zero point, a space of neutrality in which everything flows and changes constantly, and from which we can observe us and look at our reality more objectively, without identifying with it.

Thanks to this observer we can get in touch with our unconscious mind and the usual emotions associated to it, to free us from all that no longer serves us and keeps us apart from our peace and wellbeing, learning to respond instead of react. Our past experiences live in our present, knowing it can change it and create another future.

What this work offers is based on gestalt therapy (presence, consciousness and responsibility), using the emotional healing method Ataraxia, meditation, reiki, conscious movement and dance. All this allows us to change the patterns that harm us, giving us a chance to feel freer, more satisfied and happily responsible for our own lives.

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