Belén Giner

Belen circuloI’m Belén, I live in Barcelona and my passion and vocation is to help people through difficult times to do the inner work to regain their balance and well-being and achieve their goals.

If you,re here because:

a) You need help to manage your emotions.
b) You experience problems in your relationships.
b) You feel low energy or lack of motivation.
c) You,re in a difficult or painful moment in your life.
d) Any other issue to be solved …

and you,re open to receiving help,  click here to contact me.

The therapy is a process to reconnect with you, heal your recurring issues and regain access to your own resources. Through the use of different techniques you,ll get a deeper connection with your body, mind and emotions, that will allow you to seee the negative patterns that repeat in your life and how to get rid of them. It,s an accompaniment in which your active participation is essential for change and for rediscovering your own potential.

It was my own search that prompted me to share this path of personal growth. A feeling of emptiness pushed me to my self-knowledge about 15 years ago. Throughout the process I acquired understanding of our essence: free, joyful and spontaneous, as well as the constraints that keep us from it. Through the contact with my body and emotions (from which I was very disconnected), the understanding of my past and achieving an attitude of honesty, respect and compassion for myself, I began to heal my wounds and solve issues entrenched for years. Apart from the techniques (gestalt therapy, gem therapy, meditation, reiki and body work), the commitment to myself was what helped me most.

Now I share my knowledge and expertise to facilitate processes for each individual to find what they need the most at any given time, using my intuition, my knowledge and  the deep respect I feel for every human being and its unique path.

I work in individual and group sessions, where I focus on helping you get a deeper understanding and connection with yourself and your wisdom, and increasing the capacity to be more present in your body, your emotions, your mind and your life. That allows you to leave behind the painful patterns that are hurting you and/or those you love, rooting new ones that support you, as well as handling any situation.



    • Gestalt therapist Barcelona (Espai Gestalt & Gestalt Barcelona)
    • Currently in training in Mindfulness and Self-Compassion (MSC) in AEMind (Asociación Española de Mindfulness)
    • Trained in Mindfulness (MBCT), Empathy and Compassion (Casa del Tibet).
    • Continuing Education Certificate in ‘Mindfulness Series’ in NICAMB -National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (USA)
    • Continuing Education Certificate in ‘Mindfulness and Psychotherapy’ with Ron Siegel, PsyD, in NICAMB (USA)
    • Bioenergetics (body psychotherapy) -Espai Lúdic
    • Certified Louise Hay Teacher
    • Transpersonal therapy with crystals and gems (Ataraxia Institute &University of Advanced Sciencies, Florida, USA)
    • Meditation and conscious dance instructor, trained in Conscious Movement ‘Dance of life’, with Petra Klein (Dancetherapy International Institute)
    • Reiki I & II, with Ketan Raventós and Alex Prehn
    • Accompaniment to death and mourning, with Ricard Diaz Mallofre
    • Psychological studies at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya): Intervention techniques and psychological treatment
    • Law Degree & MA in Journalism by the UB (University of Barcelona)


– Meditation and body awareness : Osho active meditations and buddhist meditation techniques.

 – Codependency and inner child healing seminars.

– Shamanism: sweatlodge and healing rituals (Perú and Ecuador).

– Tantra seminars and workshops: breathing, sensitivity, polarity and feminity work.

– Bioenergetics workshops.

– Self-love and inner judge workshops.

– Regular practice of Biodanza, Gabrielle Roth 5 Rythms Conscious Movement and Authentic Movement.

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