‘I trust Belén and her knowledge completely. It,s been the best investment of my life“.

“Before I started therapy I felt lost, very anxious, living in haste, always thinking about the future and the expectations, mine and those that you think you must fulfill in society. Now I feel much calmer, more aware, more present and freer, because I feel more confident about myself. “

“It has given me many resources that I didn,t know about to manage my fears and anxiety but, above all, the certainty that everything is in me and the capacity that gives me that to understand me, to know me, to accept me and to live in a more present way, free and according to who I really am”.

I’ve seen how personal work can make you see life from a totally different perspective, for the better. Also, I,ve gotten to know how our patterns work, and I’ve learned to reverse the situation and relearn how to be who I am and be comfortable with myself. “. Mónica Fàbregas

Belén is an unbelievably patient and kind therapist.  She is incredibly intuitive and follows her clients with care. She is aware of the needs of her clients and always finds the suitable response and activity that coincides with the theme of the session. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone. I couldn,t be luckier to have her as a therapist“. Aileen

From the first moment I felt understood by Belén, with affection and kindness. 

I came to therapy because I wanted to put my mind in order and see why some things have hurt me. Now I feel good and everything is in order. I,ve understood many things that have happened to me.

Belén has helped me a lot to be kind to myself and accept everything that has happened to me in my life.

Now I know that no one will ever hurt me again. And if they try, I will soon know how to say noRosa María

“What I admire most about Belén is the training and experience she has in various therapies, different but complementary and very consistent. Belén explores and applies them to me just to help me in my process of discovering the point where my mind and body make a click to really reach my goals. I,m very grateful for her tireless support in this emotional journey, because she pushes me to explore. For me, she,s an example! A very professional and human therapist”. Cristina

“Someone recommended Belén to me after seeing several psychologists with no success. I was still in the same point of anxiety, sadness, anger … From the first moment I connected with her, she is a person who invites to open up and makes you feel supported and best of all, teaches you to connect with yourself and manage your emotions. I am confident that I,m in very good hands and most important, wanting to improve my quality of life thanks to a great teacher. “ Maribel

“In the sessions I,ve had with Belén I,ve felt very heard and understood. She has allowed me to speak openly, with confidence, which has been good to me. At all times I detected in her a smart, insightful, yet kind and benevolent voice and gaze: a real help“. Ramón

“Belén has taught me to better understand the feelings and emotions that arise within me: pain, anger, fear, sadness, etc ..  which affect my quality of life and my social interaction, giving me tools to manage these feelings and emotions, which has helped me a great deal in my everyday life and in my future prospects”. JAMR

It took me a while to open up to a new therapist. Belen is patient; she gave me the space and time I needed to adapt to an all-new environment, while encouraging me to live this challenging journey to the full.

She is one of those therapists who show great flexibility and understanding of practical, down-to-earth issues. Belen truly provides the type of support that allows you to pursue your personal goals and guide you through this development.” Julie

Belén has given me new tools and resources that help me face the little and bigger problems of everyday life. I, m not always successful but I can say that much better than before coming to therapy“. Marcelo

I,ve found myself comfortable with Belén right from the start. She always finds something to improve my mood. When I started visiting her, I was passing through a quite strong depression, and with their help, which has been great, I‘ve been recovering. I,m grateful to have known her“. Nines

 “The time that we,ve been working together has allowed me to learn a lot about how to manage my emotions. That was the reason I started therapy in the first place, to integrate the cognitive, emotional and energetic part.

This is precisely what I have achieved working with Belén, to understand and manage my emotions without seeking a rational or mental explanation, but just getting in touch with them, and learning to develop an internal dialogue that has helped me get closer to my most needed part, to understand it, listen to it and integrate it in my life. Ultimately I think a great job for which I,m very grateful”.  Jose Carlos

Belén has meant a lot to me, as a therapist and as a person. With a huge heart, she simplifies the complexity of finding a good therapist: allowing me to reflect in her “who am I” and faithfully accompanying me throughout my process, my pain, anger, sadness and love.

 Her authenticity and commitment allow me to show myself as I am, sharing an easy and fluid therapeutic process, with rapid advances in the knowledge of the darkest and clearest parts of me.All this is possible because of her ability and her way of working, with integrity, and with different techniques and therapies.

I,m fully confident in her work. Belén has a gift and I,m grateful to have her as a therapist. She appeared at the time when I most needed it.

 Thanks to the therapeutic process that I share with her, I begin to see and feel my truth fearlessly, being able to manage my pain and getting it to progressively disappear.

She teaches me to touch my inner happiness in a simple, everyday and present manner. And I see a gift being able, in each session, to be aware of my patterns, so I can change my reality in therapy and in my life”. A.C.

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