Meditation: attend and befriend any problem

Yongey Mingyur was an extremely anxious child, who suffered from panic attacks. Dedicated to a contemplative life, this Tibetan Buddhist teacher, considered to be “the happiest man in the world” after a study on neuroplasticity in his brain, cured himself by making his fears the focus of his meditation. That,s how he earned his mental peace, he says. This article contains some extracts from the conference he gave in Casa del Tibet in Barcelona. Read more

How to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life

girl in subwayWith these suggestions, there is no excuse for you not to live more consciously. All you have to do is remember .. and for that, maybe you first have to train your attention and intention, or put some reminders in places you look at often ..

Whether you decide to incorporate mindfulness meditation into your life formally (setting aside a time and place to sit and meditate, preferably every day), or if you just try to be more aware of each moment, the most important thing is that you make it easy for yourself and don,t push yourself too much. Being kind to yourself and receiving every experience as it is with acceptance is equally important as being aware of them.. Read more

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