We are victims of our beliefs, but we can change them

Interview in La Vanguardia with Bruce Lipton, MD and researcher in cell biology
Ima Sanchís

Are we victims of our genetics?
We are not victims of our genetics, DNA is actually controlled by the external environment.

What does that mean?
The cell’s life. Talking about a cell is like talking about a person. We receive information through the five senses and the cells receive signals from the environment through receptors that capture the information. The DNA is controlled by signals coming from outside the cell, including energy messages of our own thoughts, both positive and negative.

Are we what we live and think?
Yes, and to change our way of living and perceiving the world is to change our biology. Studies that began forty years ago show that the cells change depending on the environment, is what we call epigenetic. Epi means above genetics, beyond it.

Depending on your environment and how you respond to the world, one can create 30,000 different gene variations. Less than 10% of cancer is inherited, it is lifestyle that determines genetics.

Is it the environment that defines us?
We learn to see ourselves the way others see us, to value ourselves according to how we are valued by others. What we hear and live makes us. We are victims of our beliefs, but we can change them.

But beliefs are inscribed in the depths of our subconscious.
Right. The subconscious is an information processor a million times faster than the conscious mind and uses between 95% and 99% of the time, the information already stored from our childhood as a reference. So when we have something consciously decided, for example, to earn more money, if our subconscious contains information that it is very difficult to make a living, we won´t make it.

If we change our perceptions in the subconscious, we can change our reality, and I have found through numerous experiments. To reprogram beliefs and our perceptions about happiness, peace, abundance, then we can conquer them.
This is also how the placebo effect acts. If I think that a pill can cure me, I take it and I feel better. What has healed? …

Is the belief?
Apparently. As positive thinking and the placebo effect affect our biology, there is a nocebo effect: if you think something will hurt, will eventually hurt you. Henry Ford said that whether you think you can make it or not, either way you are right. If you choose to live a world full of love, your health will improve.

The chemistry that leads to joy and love causes our cells to grow, and the chemistry that causes fear causes cells to die. Positive thinking is a biological imperative for a happy and healthy life. There are two mechanisms of survival, growth and protection, and both can not operate at the same time.

Or grow or protect yourself.
Growth processes require a free exchange of information with the environment, protection requires the complete closure of the system. Maintained a protective response inhibits the production of the energy needed for life.

What does prosper?
To prosper we need to actively seek the joy and love and fill our lives with stimuli that trigger growth processes. Stress hormones coordinate body organ function and inhibit the growth process, and completely suppress the immune system.

Are the parents to blame for everything?
The perceptions formed during the first six years, when the brain receives the maximum information in minimal time to understand the environment affect us the rest of life.

And the unconscious beliefs are passed down from father to son.
That is, behaviors, beliefs and attitudes we observe in our parents are recorded in our brains and control our biology, the rest of your life, unless we learn to reschedule.

How to identify negative beliefs?
Life is a reflection of the subconscious mind: what works well for us in life are those things that the subconscious mind allows, that which requires a lot of effort are those things which your subconscious doesn´t support.
Nothing is resolved until one tries to change. Get rid of unfounded fears and try not to instill limiting beliefs in the subconscious of your children.
We can change.

Bruce Lipton is not a pseudo-guru. He taught Cell Biology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Wisconsin and later performed pioneering studies of epigenetics in the School of Medicine Stanford University that led to belief that our bodies can change if reeducate our limiting beliefs and perceptions.
How to change the information in the subconscious?. In his book The Biology of Belief (Palmyra) he recommends methods such as PSYCH-K. And biology of the transformation (the field of books) explains the possibility of a spontaneous evolution of our species.

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